Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is necessary in some cases of decay, periodontal disease, radiation therapy, and orthodontic considerations (when a tooth is malposed or for spacing reasons).

When Referred by Your Dentist

If you are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, your first stop should be a visit to your family dentist.

Your dentist will evaluate the health and condition of your tooth. Saving a natural tooth is always the best choice for your long-term comfort and health.

When a tooth cannot be saved, you will be referred to an oral surgeon. At Keystone Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, our job is to safely and effectively remove either one or multiple teeth, as directed by your general dentist or dental specialist.

Multiple Extractions & Full Mouth Extractions

At times, the condition of multiple teeth (or all of your teeth), or the progression of periodontal disease and decay may require multiple extractions.

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